purchase proscar Tinker House is on a mission to help nurture the next generation of creatives, innovators, scientists, inventors and artists, one tinker project at a time.

buy canadian generic viagra online Launched in Tacloban City in 2016, it was based on the idea that while children are naturally gifted with boundless curiosity and vast amounts of creative potential, they need every opportunity they can get to hone these gifts so they can develop the kind of inventive thinking they need to succeed in the 21st century.   

Typically located in malls, Tinker House makes it easy and convenient for parents to provide these opportunities. Children can just walk in anytime, choose from over a dozen different activities and let their imaginations run wild with Tinker House’s fully-stocked supplies shelf. They can choose to exercise their imagination and creativity through fun crafts such as decorating paper mache, painting on clay pots or making string art. They can also improve their spatial skills by building wooden puzzles, learn about simple circuits through doodlebots, or discover fun science through experiments such as making lava lamps or gooey slime!

Co-founders and moms, Mitzi Sabando and Jam Colas, say they designed Tinker House to also be a venue where parents can spend quality time with their children over fun activities. “That’s our philosophy – having a variety of shared, play-based learning experiences is the best way to encourage kids to be more curious and creative,” Mitzi says.

Curiosity + Creativity

= Inventive Thinking for the 21st Century​

Our Belief​

Children are naturally gifted with boundless curiosity and vast amounts of creative potential. Providing children with the opportunities and support they need to hone these gifts will not only help the proper development of their cognitive and emotional capabilities, it will also equip them with the kind of inventive thinking they will need to succeed in the 21st century.  

Our Vision​

We envision a generation of innovators adequately prepared for the unique challenges they will face as their world is rapidly reshaped by advancements in technology and changes in the environment. A generation curious enough to wonder if they can overcome those challenges, and empowered enough to believe in their capability to create solutions.  

Our Philosophy​

We strongly believe that art and science are deeply related – both require the practice of curiosity, creativity, and experimentation – the necessary ingredients for innovation. One of the best ways for children to learn is through creative play, and early exposure to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities give children the strong foundation they need to develop a lifelong love for learning and discovery, and helps them acquire the mindset they need to become future innovators.


As of the beginning of 2018, the Philippines had an estimated 30 million children between the ages of 4 to 15, but sadly, regular access to quality STEAM activities inside and outside of the school system is available only to a privileged few. We urgently need a scalable solution to reach the underserved majority of children, and by turning the provision of these services into a profitable social enterprise, we can mobilize the private sector to help. We must make democratizing access to STEAM profitable, to make our advocacy scalable and sustainable.

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